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Whether you have experience hiring a photographer or not, I want to set expectations for you and give you an idea if we are a good fit. This is less about finding someone who is going to stand around and point a camera all night and more about creating an experience that you will look back on and cherish forever.

What to expect.

How I do things.


Photography isn't the "point and shoot" that most people think it is and that is not how I do things around here. I want this experience to be one that you will never forget whether it's your wedding, elopement, or just something for fun.


My passion is capturing your love. The extra bonus is becoming your friend and creating a scene in which you feel completely comfortable, and yourself, with your loved one.  


Feel confident that I will help guide you through this experience in whatever way you may need.

Let's focus on creating together and becoming friends rather than 'getting photos done'

We can get those family shots where everyone is standing, looking good, and smiling. But let's also have fun! During your engagements, bridals, or that just-because session, let's run around and listen to music, enjoy pretty sights, chat, and snap the moments and the movements. I am all about those blurry candids, the intimate hugs and kisses, hand holding, laughing, and anything else we come up with along the way!

I love when a bride is down to get her dress dirty, take her shoes off, or let her hair down. I love when couples are ok to get down and roll around in the sand.


Feel confident that our sessions together are not going to be the "let's just get this done," but an entire experience that you will enjoy.  

Because our ultimate goal is..

capturing the little moments and memories that will bring back all the feels for generations to come.

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