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Utah Mountain Engagement | Sam and Spencer

I had such a cool experience with Sam and Spencer's engagement session that I have to share! We had this engagement session scheduled that I couldn’t reschedule.The weather was looking threatening as storm clouds and lightning kept moving closer and closer to the location where I had planned to meet these two. I said a small prayer that all things would work out and had a feeling to leave the session scheduled for the original time we had planned.

Sure enough the rains came pouring down while I held on to the feeling that everything would work out.

We met at our said location and soon after parking the rain stopped. The clouds didn’t part and the heavens weren’t opened, but we didn’t get rained out of the shoot! Dark clouds surrounded us in every direction and we could see the lightning and hear the thunder in the distance but our tiny circle was kept dry!

God knows our circumstances and He CARES about us no matter what it is. All we have to do is have faith in Him and ASK. This is something so small and to some may seem unimportant or dumb, but that experience left a strong impression on me that I wanted to share with others. This world is crazy and there is hatred, but there is also love and there is also a God who watches over us.

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